Amina Buddafly On The Best Advice Jay Z Ever Gave Her (No, It Wasn’t About Lemonade)

Wise words from HOVA.

You may not realize it, but Amina Buddafly has more of a music pedigree than many of her Love & Hip Hop co-stars. In a recent interview with Afroelle magazine, she discusses coming up with her sisters in the group, Black Buddafly. She and her sisters, Jazz and Sophie, were signed in the U.S. to Def Jam records, and Amina recalls a meeting she had with L.A. Reid and Jay Z where she admitted her unhappiness with the way the group was being marketed. “We sat down with Jay Z once,” she explains, “and he told me (because I said I wasn’t happy with what they were doing with us and our video) and he said to me that I should always make sure that I love everything that I do. And since then, I have not been willing to compromise and do something just so that someone else likes it.”

Sounds like amazing advice, both professionally and personally. For the rest of Amina’s interview, check out Afroelle now!