The Internet Roasts Ayesha Curry For Tweeting That the NBA Is Rigged

This is a doozy.

Ayesha Curry’s Twitter fingers got a little out of control last night (June 16), and the Internet grilled her for it.

Curry went on a Twitter rant during the sixth game of the NBA Finals after her husband, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, fouled out and was ejected for mouthing off at a referee. This did not make Mrs. Curry a happy camper, and she took to social media to let everyone know it.


That’s right. Curry threw on her conspiracy theory hat and actually implied that the NBA was rigged. She swiftly deleted the tweet, apologized and added in another message that the police racially profiled her father. But that didn’t stop Twitter from going in on Lady Curry. Check out some of the most pointed tweets below. Note to self: Never piss off sports fans. They’re more rabid than the BeyHive. (P.S.: If you care about the actual game, the Warriors lost 115-101 to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Womp.)