Justin Bieber Took a Scary and Dramatic Fall on Stage Last Night


Justin Bieber needs to watch where he is walking!

The 22-year-old singer is currently slaying his Purpose World Tour, but the slay abruptly halted during his Saskatoon, Canada show Thursday night (June 16).

TMZ captured a video of Bieber walking idly on stage. Things are peaceful, and then–bam!–it happened. Bieber fell through a trapdoor on stage and hit the ground with a loud (and alarming) thud.

Bieber emerged from the hole and gingerly pulled himself up. “Good thing I’m like a cat and I landed on my feet–oh my God,” he said, per the TMZ video. “That scared the s–t out of me!” Us too, Biebs, us too.
He appears unharmed, which, thank God. We’re not prepared for the swarm of teen melodrama that would’ve happened had Bieber hurt himself. Watch the fall go down (pun intended) in the video above.