These Moments Accurately Explain Why Twitter Loves to Drag Piers Morgan

There's no love lost for the controversial media personality.

By Brenden Gallagher

Piers Morgan is probably the most remarkable troll you’ll ever encounter in the history of the Internet. Throughout his annoying career, he has been a pioneer of insulting and offending just about everyone he coms across. Morgan has the ability to turn even the most innocuous interview into a cringeworthy affair. He has run afoul of conservatives and liberals alike, infuriating Ben Shapiro, Chelsea Handler, and Larry King just to name a few. The man manages to be inappropriate or insensitive on nearly every subject. When he’s not being a sexist jerk who attempts to check Beyoncé for having a moment of Black pride, he’s sending tweets depicting Muhammad Ali as a bigger racist than Donald Trump. He may be the least liked media personality on either side of the pond. Whether its transphobia or Trump-ophilia, Piers Morgan is always good for one thing: being absolutely terrible.

  • The Jennifer Aniston column

    One day after Jennifer Aniston wrote a Huffington Post op-ed on the “objectification and scrutiny” of women, Piers Morgan took to Daily Mail to essentially undermine Aniston’s credibility. Morgan’s argument was that Aniston has no place to speak on the matter, since she’s appeared many a time on airbrushed magazine covers. Chrissy Teigen caught wind of Morgan’s column and tweeted at him in defense of Aniston. Their fiery exchange ended with Morgan pitching a column entirely on Teigen, “just to really annoy her.”

  • Iraq War Photo Hoax

    Even before he was known as an obnoxious media gadfly in the US, Morgan was busy tarnishing his own reputation in the UK. In 2004 Morgan was held personally responsible when The Daily Mirror published fake photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqi civilians. The photos prompted a backlash from the UK military and political class. Morgan was quickly sacked.

  • Kelsey Grammer Walks Out

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    Morgan’s insensitivity knows no bounds. On his now defunct CNN show, he sometimes even managed to be d-ck before his guests even showed up. Kelsey Grammar ditched his scheduled interview with Morgan, after a picture of his ex-wife Camille aired before the sit-down. No mention of his ugly divorce from his wife was the one stipulation Grammar requested. Morgan was ignored the ask then opted to come after Grammer on Twitter rather than apologize.

  • Phone-Hacking Scandal

    Though Morgan was fired for doctored photos, there were some other scandals that broke on his watch at the Daily Mirror. Between 2002 and 2004, the Mirror published a number of stories which they now admit were the product of phone-hacking. The scandal centers around Robert Ashworth, a Mirror writer who reported to Morgan at the time. Ashworth has been connected to at least a dozen stories in which information was obtained by illegal means. This revelation has resulted in large payouts from The Mirror’s parent company, and Morgan getting caught in a number of lies he told through the years as a cover-up. The hack has also resulted in a number of arrests.

    {item] Morgan Fights With Alex Jones
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  • Janet Mock Fiasco

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    Many media personalities have had challenges interviewing transgendered celebrities, but leave it to Piers Morgan to double down on the worst tendencies of the mainstream media. Morgan came off as insensitive in an initial interview with Janet Mock, and rather than bothering to apologize to her, he took to Twitter to paint himself as a victim. He sparred with Mock and a number of others, instead of learning anything from the moment, his tweet tantrum ended with this post.

  • Chelsea Handler Owns Morgan

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    Chelsea Handler had enough of Piers Morgan almost immediately after sitting down with him. After he spent a commercial break ignoring her, Handler called him out as a “terrible interviewer.” She takes him to task for his poor preparation and says she wished she could have back the hour of her life she spent on the show.

  • Destroyed By John Cleese

    Any hardcore comedy fan knows that John Cleese of Monty Python is one of the greatest living wits. Cleese is a respected public intellectual in Britain and has outdone opponents a lot more formidable than Morgan. Cleese absolutely destroyed Piers in a 2015 Twitter feud< /strong>. The entire thread is worth checking out, but the above savage own is our favorite.

  • All Lives Matter Troll

    No real surprise here. Last summer, Morgan joined the ranks of the anti-Black Lives Matter trolls who attempted to push their own counter movement. Morgan basically became the least surprising person to utter “All Lives Matter” since Ted Cruz.

  • Down With The Don

    It seems that Morgan has no consistency to his opinions other than that he will always pick the most inflammatory take. As of late, Morgan has put himself in the position of defending Donald Trump, whether it be backing Trump campaign manager Cory Lewandowski against his alleged assault victim or penning essays approving Trump’s indefensible behavior. Though Morgan often takes liberal stances, one blowhard can’t resist siding with another.

  • Comes for Queen Bey and Misses

    The release of Beyoncé’s Lemonade was followed by a series of thinkpieces written by people who have no business writing about Beyoncé. Though dozens of white men lined-up at blogs across the Internet to mansplain Bey to the world, Morgan offered perhaps the worst take on Lemonade. In his piece for the Daily Mail, Morgan accuses Beyonceé of “play[ing] the race card so deliberately … unnecessarily” and said that album “smacks of shameless exploitation.” In between racist accusations, he took the time to fawn over Beyoncé just to let you know that when it comes to racism and sexism, Morgan is a man who can do both.

  • “The Greatest” Troll Move Ever


    This is the A+ proof of Piers Morgan’s douchebaggery. While the world mourned the passing of the iconic Muhammad Ali, Morgan comes along with a tweet designed to be inflammatory and headline-grabbing. He ultimately accomplished his goal of being an insensitive fuccboi, and he got supremely dragged by Twitter in the process. His exchange with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen was especially entertaining.