Rachel Zoe’s Summer Style Predictions Will Make You Want to Go Shopping Immediately

"I would say a lot of lace."

Summer is looking sunny with a 99% chance of fringe, according to Rachel Zoe.

The celebrity stylist, designer and The Zoe Report Editor-in-Chief wears many hats. She’s currently working on the spring collection of her Rachel Zoe line and was also recently featured in Barilla’s YouTube series called While the Water Boils, starring Hannah Hart.

Zoe shared her passion for style in the episode, and we caught up with her to find out more about the pursuit of her passion, as well as her summer 2016 style predictions. Get your credit cards ready, ladies, ’cause you’re going to want to go shopping ASAP.

Find out what Zoe had to say about making it in the industry, the year’s most stylish ladies and more in our Q&A with her below.

How did you get involved with While the Water Boils?

RZ: There used to be that expression, obviously there still is, that’s like, you’re really just waiting for the water to boil. I’ve used that expression my entire life. I thought the concept was so fascinating to be able to do this one-on-one, in-depth conversation with Hannah literally while she was boiling water. It was very ironic and symbolic and very interesting to me from the start.

What are some lessons you’ve learned while pursuing your own passions?

So many things. Learning that mistakes are OK when you make them because you learn from them. Never to be motivated by the wrong thing. Your passion should always motivate you and not money or fame or whatever. Also, never feel entitled and never feel that things are just gonna happen because they don’t. And don’t think you know everything ‘cause you don’t. I certainly don’t know everything and I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I have a lot to learn.

Any particular stories or incidents that stick out?

Oh my God, I have endless stories. I could literally write a library of experiences. I think one of my biggest things I learned the hard way is that you really shouldn’t trust people right away or assume that everyone is your friend in business because they’re not. Sometimes you make lifelong friendships through business and that’s wonderful, but you can’t assume that every person you meet is gonna be a good friend. I started off in my career fairly naive and I think I’m much less so now. My eyes are much more open to people. You have to be.

What projects are you working on right now?

Oh my God, I have so many things. Primarily, I’m working on my collection. I just finished Resort and now I’m working on my spring collection. I’m also curating my next Box of Style, which is amazing. And then, of course, being the editor of The Zoe Report, which is my other full-time job, which I love, and building my media business.

Who’s killing the fashion game in 2016?

I think who’s really looking good right now in a very effortless way is Kendall Jenner. She always looks good and she always looks appropriate. Diane Kruger, Rosie Huntington[-Whiteley]. Some supermodels I feel have taken it to a new place on the red carpet are Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, Gigi [Hadid]. These girls have been looking amazing and are owning that carpet. Blake Lively I love. She’s next-level.

What are some summer style staples every woman should own?

I always love to go a little extra bohemian in the summer with lots of fringe and florals and pastels and lace. Lots of billowy dresses with ruffles and things like that. I’m really loving floral prints right now. Lots of wood-backed heels and Grecian sandals and kaftans, of course.

Very comfortable, flowy, airy.


What do you think the top three style trends of the summer will be?

I would say fringe. I would say Grecian sandals, for sure, and ones that lace up the leg. And I would say a lot of lace.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.