Has Rihanna Taken Her Instagram Love for LeBron James Too Far?

Have we all?

Faithful LeBron James fan Rihanna has landed herself in hot water yet again.

As evidenced by her Instagram, Rihanna was watching Game 7 of the NBA Finals last night. The Anti singer and Manolo Blahnik queen inadvertently (or maybe on purpose, who knows?) caused some drama when she posted a series of pictures of her favorite player, as well as some curious captions.

First, there was this: a meme-like pic of LeBron, posted by Rih a few days ago, that’s actually kinda funny and in no way suggestive.

Then, last night, Rih rih-posted that thirst trappy picture of her in a red bikini with the number 23 (LeBron’s number) written in what looks like sunscreen on her stomach. This is kind of a big deal because Rih looks hot and LeBron is married and she tagged him in both pics, so you know something’s up.

She then posted the following when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the game (and therefore, the championship).

But here’s the damning ’gram that’s got everyone’s panties in a bunch. This, friends, is a picture of Rihanna standing next to a TV showing Lebron James with his trophies. And the caption reads: “Bae! Lol ?????”

Some are saying Rihanna’s Instagrams are disrespectful, considering LeBron is married and Rihanna is, well, Rihanna. Others don’t get the problem.

We as fans lust after famous married men all of the time without them ever knowing about it and/or acting on it. Who cares if Rihanna does the same thing? True, but you also have to consider the fact that Rihanna is one of the hottest female celebrities and has 40 million Instagram followers, putting your couple hundred right to shame. She’s ballin’ bigger than LeBron, so to speak.

As she is apt to do, Rih will post what she pleases to Instagram, even if it gets her suspended. But maybe there’s more to consider when posting as a celebrity—some kind of Instagram etiquette for famous people.

In other news, perhaps it’s time Savannah Brinson and Ayesha Curry start a club.

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