Will You Find Love This Summer? Here Is What Your Horoscope Says

Sex on the beach...or sunburned in the sheets?

Ever since I watched Grease, I’ve always wanted a summer love. However, in lieu of sex on the beach, most of my summers consist of sunburn, hangovers and weight gain. Don’t lie: Yours do, too.

So, instead of getting my hopes up this year, I checked the stars. Literally. Astrology told me exactly what kind of summer love (or lack thereof) I’ll have. And it can tell your fortune, too.

To my fellow Sagittarius brethren, it looks like we have another season of aloe and cheap rum on our hands. But plenty of other zodiacs are in for a wet and wild three months. (So jealous, Aries!) Read the horoscopes below to find out if you need to buy condoms or cookies this summer. *Buys every Oreo pack in sight.*

  • Aries

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    Aries, get ready for a wild summer. The hot months will present many new suitors in your life, and at times it will get a little overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to be choosy. One of these flings could lead to something more, but having too many bees in the trap is a surefire way to get stung.

  • Taurus

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    You’re just coming off an exciting, passionate fling, so this summer will be a little more tame. That doesn’t mean boring, though. By the end of June, expect to be seeing one or two people consistently. By September, one of those summer boos will upgrade to bae. The stabler terrain will help you decide which one.

  • Gemini

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    You will get swept off your feet by someone who appears perfect this summer. But be weary. You will have a real emotional journey with this person, but it shouldn’t last beyond the season.

  • Cancer

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    A silly summer fling isn’t in the cards for you, Cancer, but something else is: love. You will meet someone serious in late June, and if you want it, he/she will be around for a while. In fact, this suitor will do something big for you at the end of the summer to show his/her intentions. Have fun, but think critically about the kind of relationship you want right now.

  • Leo

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    Someone rich will appear in your life in August who will shower you with presents, trips and material goods galore. However, you’re prideful, Leo, and the amount of excess will nauseate you by fall. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Virgo

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    Spring was crazy for you, so the summer months will bring zen to your love life. You’ll find yourself going out with groups of friends on the weekends, but don’t write those people off. A platonic pal could easily become Prince (or Princess) Charming, if you please.

  • Libra

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    You can’t have a random summer fling because you’ve had your eyes on one person since forever. The summer months will bring you good luck, Libra. Gain the courage to tell your crush how you feel. He/she may be your soulmate!

  • Scorpio

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    You and Libra have similar summer love journeys. August is the time to reach out to someone special and see if the feeling is mutual. But tread lightly.

  • Sagittarius

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    We have good news and bad news, Sags. The bad? You will have a dry spell this summer. The good? The fall will bring fun, stress-free relationships…and a possible reunion with an ex!

  • Capricorn

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    Prepare for lots of dates this summer–no really, prepare. Do some research on your prospects before agreeing to dinner. You might find some red flags.

  • Aquarius

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    A beautiful stranger will find his/her way into your life in June. You’ll bond over creative and professional interests, but the 2016 Gemini moon urges you to keep it casual. It is summer, after all!

  • Pisces

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    July and August are your months, Pisces. Post-retrograde clarity will bring a new person in your life. However, don’t settle. Make sure this person is everything you want–even in the longterm sense–before jumping in.