Momma Dee Feels She Could’ve Pimped Out Betty Idol Back In The Day In This Week’s Check Yourself

"You got some women that would put a pimp like me in a Cadillac but that Betty Idol, she'll put me in a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley."

Momma Dee has been retired from the pimp game for a long time but feels she could’ve made some money off of cute little Betty Idol back in the day in this week’s Check Yourself. Obviously still not feeling the Bamb, Momma Dee takes Betty’s side when she learns about their altercation and wonders why Scrappy doesn’t want to work with the talented Miss Idol. While Momma Dee has her ulterior motives for wanting Betty to work with Scrappy, she has no problem checking her son for his reckless comments against the transgender community.

Meanwhile, Scrappy isn’t surprised that Momma Dee invited herself into his business (yet again). As Momma Dee watches Scrappy explain what he meant by his Instagram rant, she struggles to keep her composure- even though Scrappy still doesn’t see the big deal about his comments. After all, he does feel his response directly reflects how he was raised.

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