A Video Called “She Doesn’t Have the Range” Is Waging a Shady War Among Pop Fans

Does your fave have the range?

Pop queen fans used to say, “Your fave could never” when shading a rival diva. Now, they have a new put-down: “She doesn’t have the range.”

We have a sketch from Little Britain to thank for this life-giving quote. In a scene poking fun at Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey, Bassey spills the tea on which singers have (and don’t have) the range. (In other words, who has the pipes, and who just has “great gowns, beautiful gowns?”)

Sheryl Crow?” the person interviewing Bassey asks.

“She doesn’t have the range,” Bassey says. This continues with a string of other performers before the interviewer asks, “Shirley Bassey?”

“She doesn’t have the range,” Bassey says, referring to herself. “I’m sorry, Shirley; I love her to bits, but she doesn’t have the range.”

“But that’s you,” the interviewer says confusingly, to which Bassey replies, “I don’t care. I don’t have the range.”

Pop stans are already jumping on this video as a way to read their faves’ rivals to smithereens. One iconic Beyoncé fan went on an epic Twitter rant, documenting every chanteuse who has the range–and every one who doesn’t. Here are some of his/her most hilarious tweets:

“She has the range”:

“She doesn’t have the range”:

The fact that Adele is listed as “not having the range” is proof you don’t have to agree with these tweets to find them funny. (I’m Madonna’s biggest stan. She has the range, but this still cracked me up!)

Let the shading begin, armies!