Ranking the Deaths in Season 6 of Game of Thrones From Least to Most Devastating

Same game. New blood.

By Brenden Gallagher

This season of Game of Thrones gave us many of the things that made us fall in love with GoT in the first place. There were massive battles, there was intrigue, there was gratuitous nudity. One aspect of the show that was sorely lacking this season was meaningful deaths. In a world where events like the Red Wedding and the battle at Hardhome are common place, we’ve grown accustomed to the carnage. The last two episodes of this season has brought us back to that show staple.

The season finale dropped a literal and figurative bomb on us. Bodies were everywhere and we loved most of it. The body count was impressive and we tallied it all up to show how it messed with our emotions throughout this amazing season.

  • Black Walder and Lame Lothar Frey

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    These dudes were part of the Red Wedding so they had to go. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Brothers Without Banners

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    It’s hard to have sympathy for you after your murder an innocent congregation in cold blood, no matter how hard you beg.

  • The Masters

    The only thing more tragic than their attempt at parley is their attempt at eye make-up.

  • Baylon Greyjoy

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    We don’t actually care about this dude, but this scene was sick.

  • Roose Bolton

    Don’t let his awful bastard son distract you from just how awful this dude was.

  • Khal Moro


    Khaleesi with that hot fire.

  • Walder Frey

    Terrible person, but you gotta salute him for owning it though.

  • Maester Pycelle

    Nobody liked the doddering old fool though.

  • Kevan Lannister

    You’re not going to last long in Westeros with a normal ass name like that.

  • Mace Tyrell

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    Clueless to the very end.

  • The High Sparrow

    The look on his face when he realized he was done was priceless.

  • Alliser Thorne

    He may have been a nasty Bill-O’Reilly-looking son of a b-tch, but the man had a code.

  • The Waif

    After all those stick beatings, a girl definitely deserved what was coming her way.

  • Lancel Lannister

    Your boy found the Seven Gods. Then Cersei helped him meet them.

  • Doran Martell

    His only crime was having too much chill.

  • The Blackfish

    Our only regret here is that his nephew, Edmure Tully, didn’t make this list. R.I.P Blackfish!

  • Tyrstane Martell

    Sleeping with the enemy will cost you dearly on GoT.

  • Ramsey Bolton

    No one had it coming this bad since Joffrey drank a different kind of purple drank. Still, we’re going to lowkey miss Ramsey’s evil ass.

  • Dire Wolves

    Clearly an attempt to trim the VFX budget to make way for more dragons, but we’ll miss Winterfell’s most loyal pets.

  • Walda Frey and Baby Bolton

    We didn’t know much about Walda, but she didn’t deserve to be eaten by hungry hounds. Damn you, Ramsey!

  • Osha

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    And my dude just goes back to eating that apple. Cold.

  • Loras Tyrell

    A man who was once a great sword and a great lover went out with a whimper, then a bang.

  • Ollie

    Jon Snow loved him like a brother, so we loved him like a brother, but he did us Jon dirty.

  • Lady Crane

    We were just getting to know and like her.

  • Tommen Baratheon


    The last of Jamie and Cersei’s incestuous children was too fragile to survive this game.

  • Wun Wun

    It took a hundred arrows to bring down our new fave giant. We’ll miss you big guy!

  • Brother Ray and Followers of the Seven

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    The Hound didn’t hear nothing? Not a scream? A horse riding away? Nothing?

  • Rickon Stark

    This is how GoT writers play with our emotions. They gave us another long-awaited Stark reunion, then snatched it away in a matter of seconds.

  • Margaery Tyrell

    OMG! The young queen wasn’t supposed to go out like this.

  • Hodor

    We’re still crying every time someone asks to hold the door.

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