Chris Brown Bizarrely Responds to Claims He Beat Up His Manager

Breezy is not breezy.

The drama for Chris Brown continues.

Breezy’s most recent manager Mike G is allegedly suing him for assault, according to TMZ. The website claims Mike G was brought on board in 2012 to clear up Brown’s debts, get him clean and revive his public perception after the 2009 Rihanna assault. Things were going well until last month. That’s when Mike G claims Breezy, unprovoked, beat him to a pulp and sent him to the emergency room.

According to the lawsuit, Breezy made fun of Mike G on social media and jokingly told several friends about the assault. Even creepier: Mike G claims Brown warned his tour employees that he’d beat them up–just like he did to him –if they stepped out of bounds.

Crazy, right? Not as crazy as Breezy’s response to this mess. The singer took to Instagram and bizarrely shut down the rumors. Brown claims he fired Mike G for stealing money, according to TMZ.

“We ’gonna let these people do what they do,” Brown said. He also made plenty of “s–t” references–both of the donkey and elephant variety. It’s quite a sight for the senses. Experience it below.
Mike G’s attorney said Brown’s accusation is false, and now they’re also suing him for defamation. Damn. The s–t keeps piling up. Pun intended.