PreMadonna Has Recruited Mimi, Tammy, Jessica Dime, and Tommie in an All Out War Against Joseline

Is it 5 against 1?

PreMadonna made a brief stint on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta last season but she’s still got enough beef with Joseline Hernandez to lead a revolt against the show’s star with the rest of the women.

It all started from some beef, allegedly rooted in waist trainers. In a nutshell, Joseline said women who wear waist trainers should go to the gym. PreMadonna, who has made a name for herself for her Waist Gang Society line of trainers, took issue with that and clapped back at the Puerto Rican Princess, saying that she’s a self-made businesswoman with money and Joseline’s, well, not.

PreMadonna went in on the reality star by making and selling a line of tee shirts that say “Cokealine” parodying the Coke logo. Eek! But it goes deeper than that. PreMadonna’s now finding power in numbers by recruiting the likes of Mimi Faust, Jessica Dime, and Tommie Lee, who are all posting pictures of themselves in the shirts.
And it doesn’t stop there. PreMadonna has Tammy Rivera on her side, too. Posting a video with her and Tammy, Pre says, “I ain’t gonna put you in the drama,” but Tammy replies, “You ain’t gotta worry about it, baby, next time just say, ’Post check stubs.'”

It’s an all out war. Who’s next? Rasheeda? Karlie Redd? Ariane Davis?

You might remember that PreMadonna popped up last season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as Joseline’s “old friend” from Miami but then she all but disappeared from the show and didn’t show up at the reunion. When asked about not appearing at the reunion last year, she told, “I have no idea, there’s rumors saying I guess Joseline didn’t want me to come to the reunion, you know Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is her show. That’s what they think on the streets, so I’m not sure because I’m not one to play into rumors.”

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