Azealia Banks Claps at T.I. in Defense of Donald Trump

Banks isn't having it with the Trump slander.

T.I. is the latest social media target for Azealia Banks. After he called Donald Trump the “the upper echelon of the scum of the Earth,” Banks waisted little time to to bash T.I. through her Instagram.

“Someone PLEASE take the thesaurus away from t.i…. Real sweet coming from the guy who is 5’2″, endorsed a runaway slave master, has multiple felony weapon convictions, let’s his kids carry guns, and publicly threatens women with physical harm….. Real sweet,” she writes on Instagram.
She even attacked his role of a slave in the rebooted Roots series.

“No respectable black person in 2016 should be playing a slave on film,” she states. “Sorry, this is sidebar and I’m TOTALLY being a petty hater (lol) but t.i is literally an idiot , I love picking on him, and he and everyone else needs to know that I am 10x more intelligent than he is or ever will be. He owes me a major apology for threatening me and for running his mouth off.”

T.I. hasn’t clapped back yet, but I’m sure this beef is far from over.