Adele Burped into a Fan’s Face During Concert

This fan will never forget this moment.

One lucky fan had a one of a kind experience last night at Adele’s concert. The “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” singer invited a fan on stage during her performance at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday, and she accidentally belched in the poor girl’s face.

The fan was trying to take a selfie, but was too nervous to take a steady shot. Adele asked, “Do you want me to do it?” before taking the girl’s cell phone. While they posed for the shot, she let out a surprising burp right into the fans face.

Adele shouted, “Oh my God, I just burped!” and hugged the poor girl before helping off the stage. “I’ll see you later, Maria,” she said, still laughing. Adele apologized and blamed the unexpected burp on a “dirty burger” she had before the concert.

Many fans have met Adele, but none have gotten a burp from her. Watch below.

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