The Year’s Biggest Viral Moments (So Far) Remind Us Why the Internet Is Amazing

Put some RESPECK on my name.

The Internet can be a wretched place filled with click-bait and typos that accidentally send you to porn sites. However, it’s also a hilarious place where cultural moments explode and celebrities are born overnight. 2016 has been very good to the Internet, providing us with videos, memes and social media squabbles that make our day-to-dray drudgery way more bearable. (We’re looking at you, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.) It’s only June, and we already have dozens upon dozens of viral moments, so which ones reign supreme (so far)? We think these 10 definitely deserve some shine.

  • Birdman wants RESPECK on his name.

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    Don’t disrespeck Birdman. The rapper was pissed because Charlamagne Tha God and his Breakfast Club co-hosts weren’t honoring his name on the show, so he rolled up–on air–and called them out for it. The image of Birdman crossing his arms in what looked like a temper tantrum exploded on the Web. It’s now my Facebook cover photo.

  • Kanye West fights with Wiz Khalifa on Twitter, compliments his “cool pants.”

    West got all fired up because Khalifa took offense to him changing his album title from SWISH to WAVES. (He eventually named it The Life of Pablo.) Khalifa thought West was directly ripping off Harlem rapper Max B, who coined the terms “waves” and “wavy.” A fight of epic proportions transpired, which we documented in the video above.

  • #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch-gate.

    The greatest part of West and Khalifa’s aforementioned fight was actually Rose, who shut down the “Famous” rapper with two tweets that live in Internet infamy.

  • Skai Jackson annihilates Azealia Banks on Twitter.

    Twitter lived for Jackson’s attack on everything near to Banks’ heart: her career, her mother and–worst of all–her edges. Who knew the shadiest person on the planet was only 14 years old?

  • Everything that Lemonade birthed.

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    Becky with the Good Hair, the “Formation” video–Lemonade is shaping up to be the cultural touchstone of 2016. But did you expect anything less from Beyoncé?

  • “Uber Everywhere” becomes song of the year.

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    Every year needs a parody song, and 2016 is the year of Uber. Madeintyo’s tune is both hilarious and catchy, which is probably why it went crazy viral.

  • The Color Purple cast gives Prince one heck of a tribute.

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    The Broadway cast sang “Purple Rain” to tribute the late icon after one of their shows in April.

  • Ayesha Curry’s cooking show gets meme-ified.


    News of Curry’s upcoming cooking show on Food Network brought out Twitter users’ shadiness, who took the opportunity to mock Curry for her buttoned-up persona.

  • PartyNextDoor, Kehlani and Kyrie Irving incite a social media firestorm.

    In March, rapper PartyNextDoor uploaded a photo of himself allegedly in bed with Kehlani. The problem? Kehlani was dating Irving at the time. The hoopla exploded on social media and actually took a dark turn: Kehlani was hospitalized the next day for a suicide attempt.

  • Camila Cabello feverishly humps Ty Dolla $ign at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.


    During Fifth Harmony’s performance of “Work From Home” at the 2016 BBMAs, Cabello took a break from slaying vocal runs to hump Ty Dolla $ign like a dog. Twitter had a meltdown over this literal child–OK, she’s 19–getting a little too much life with a grown-ass man on national television.