Dutchess Snatches Off Donna’s Wig But No One Is Giving Her Cool Points For It

"Congratulations b---h you got my wig. Like who does that?"

Donna pulled up to the Black Ink Crew snow tubing trip, off the strength of Sky, only to unexpectedly get her wig snatched off by Dutchess in this highlight. Sky’s plan to keep the peace between the one time “lovers” backfired when instead of talking things out, Dutchess thought it would be cool to throw hands.

Confused as to why Dutchess even decided to take it that far, Sky says Donna already tasted Dutchess in Miami so Dutchess needs to let Donna live. Walt also doesn’t understand where Dutchess’ anger comes from because everyone knows Donna didn’t show up there to fight. Still not trying to hear it, Dutchess proudly walks off with Donna’s wig. Take a look! Was Dutchess wildn’ or nah?

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