Donna Is Rubbing Her New Marriage All Up In Dutchess’ Face

Oop x 1,000,000,000

With a single meme did Donna just basically say Dutchess is always a bridesmaid never a bride? Oop.

Donna posted a meme to her Instagram, featuring Love & Hip Hop’s Cardi B literally blowing on hot tea, with the caption, “…and Donna still got married before Dutchess…#BlackInkCrew.” Donna wrote, “What did all my #DonnaBellas think of last nights season finale of VH1’s Black Ink Crew?! #Art2Ink #DonnaM #CLE #NYC. Let me know, lol.”

Is Donna being savage by calling out Dutchess for not being married yet? Or after Dutchess snatched her wig, is this epic mic drop well deserved?

In the season finale of Black Ink Crew, Donna walked down the aisle and married Maxwell.

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