Get Your Motivation From These Inspirational Plies Instagram Videos


By Brenden Gallagher

Is your day off to a rocky start? Is the slow service at Starbucks working your nerves? Bae still sending sub-tweets about the fight y’all had last night? Sounds like you need a morning pick me up from Plies. As DJ Khaled is to Snapchat, Plies is to Instagram. He is a master of the medium, motivating us on a daily basis to be our best selves. Whether the topic of discussion is women, relationship issues, or Popeye’s chicken, Plies comes through with the hard truths the world needs to hear. In his short time as a social media auteur, Plies has introduced us to concepts that we now can’t believe we were living without. Who among us doesn’t celebrate “SweetPw-ssy Saturday?” For those who haven’t yet heard the Gospel According to Plies: buckle up and enjoy the ride, Bih!