Joseline Says Tommie Just Wants to Be Her, Says Tiarra’s Too Old for Braces

"Honey, I’m confused. Tommie? Tommie? Which one of these hos is it?"

Joseline Hernandez never holds back, and season five of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has seen the baddest boosh fight to keep her spot on the reality TV throne.

In an exclusive interview with VH1, Joseline opens up about her relationships, or non-relationships, with Tommie and Tiarra, and how they’re just following her and Stevie’s old storyline. The Puerto Rican Princess also throws shade at the rest of her castmates, and discusses the possibility of stepping away from TV for a family.

Does it become harder, the more your recognition grows to share your real life on TV?
Joseline Hernandez: No, it’s just an everyday situation for me. This is what we live by. This is how I live. It’s just the same thing. It’s just not a big f—king issue. It’s just not an issue. It just is what it is. For me, it’s easy. I’m who I am.

Do you think when new people join Love & Hip Hop try to only show certain parts of their lives?
Yes, but that’s not a good thing because then we always figure out you’re full of s–t [Laughs] and everybody calls you out on it. I think it’s better to just be real on TV. I mean, if you want to do something like a reality show then you definitely be real about it because you want to have good ratings and you want people to watch your show for you telling the truth and you want people to to really like you for you and not being a fake.

So, let’s talk about your relationship with some of the other ladies. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say Mimi?
Molly the maid.

Ok, how about Karlie Redd?

She’s alright. Yeah, she like, she’s just there.

Jessica Dime?
Once my bitch always my bitch.

What about the addition of Karen King?
I think she needs to relax herself and go live the rest of her years on Earth being a good grandmother to those kids.

What do you think about Tiarra?
She too old to be having braces on. B—h, go get some veneers. [Laughs] Am I too shady? I’m sorry I have to tell the truth. You said the first thing that comes to my mind.

And what about Tommie?
I don’t think about bitches that want to be me.

What is the situation there? You guys seem to have been friendly and then everything took a turn…
Honey, I’m confused. Tommie? Tommie? Which one of these hos is it? But, I don’t. I don’t. There is no deal with none of us. You have to watch the show to get the good insiders and you know, I turn up on these b—hes when they really need it, too. As far as me being cool, I’m going to be cool with the people that’s going to be cool with me and I’m always respectful and I’m funny and I give you the rope to hang yourself. That’s just what it is. For the most part, I’m just a cool a– b—h. You know what I mean? People have to understand that I’ve been here before them and I’ll be there after them because once they get voted off the island, the motherf–king b—h that run it is still here. You have to pick and choose your friends very carefully and you can’t think that you can just come on TV and take somebody else’s place. Find your own place and do your own thing and then you’ll be successful like me and then you’ll end up having your own show and then you’ll end up doing something for Lee Daniels on FOX or different things like that, like I am.

But seriously, do you feel like the whole Tiarra and Tommie and Scrappy thing is just you and Stevie and Mimi all over again?
Well the thing about it is everybody from all the Love & Hip Hop shows do what Stevie and Joseline do. They have to follow behind someone so they follow behind the bosses. So I think everybody on all the shows from Love & Hip Hop whether it’s Hollywood, New York or Atlanta, they all gotta follow somebody and you have no show if you don’t have the top people and everybody else is following. You have no show because they don’t know what to do, they don’t know what to follow, they don’t know what to deliver. So you know they try but it is what it is. Nobody could do what we do.

What about K.Michelle? You guys seem to have a real friendship.
I love K. Michelle. I think she’s awesome.

How did you two get so close?
It was just organic and it just happened as we went. We just got really close and we just relate and we talk and we hang out and we just have a good time and I think that’s what it is. We just have a great time together.

Is there anything more than a friendship between the two of you?
[Laughs] We…K. Michelle, she’s a great friend. She’s a pretty girl, she’s real pretty but you have to ask her that, you can’t be asking me that. [Laughs]

I think some viewers speculate that you and K.Michelle, and Karlie when you guys were cool, think you’re better than the rest of the cast, do you think there’s truth to that?
Do I think I’m better than the rest of the ladies? I don’t think that I’m better than anyone. I just know who I am. I’m a bad b—h. When you’re a bad b—h that’s just what it is. K. Michelle is a just a sweetheart and you know Karlie, she’s just there. I don’t know what to say about her. I feel like everybody can feel however they want to feel about themselves and act however they want to act. We’ve all got different personalities and different ways of thinking so everybody is who they are.

What do you think of Tammy Rivera coming back to Love & Hip Hop?
I don’t even know who she is. Who is she? Who is that ho?

Why did you make this decision to come back this season with the envelopes for everyone?
I didn’t come back as an evil ass bitch, I just came back as a prepared ass b—h because I know how shady they can get. So, when they get shady, I can get shadier. I can dig and I can find out things too and that’s just what it’s about. At the end of the day it’s just all fun and games when it comes to filming with these girls. Really, I ain’t thinking about these b—hes that deep. When I finish doing my scenes with these broads, I’m on to the next bigger thing.

Is it easier for some people to separate themselves from filming?
Yes, there’s definitely a difference. If anybody wants to do reality TV or anything surrounding reality TV, you definitely got to know how to go home and just let it go. Go home and not watch the motherf–king show and not get online and just try to go back and forth with these people and kind of just relax. It’s not that serious. You don’t have to watch the show, you don’t have to talk about it. Find you something. Go read a book. Stop getting so corrupt in that s–t because it can really drive you nuts, if you let it. The way they cut things and the way things come out it can make you feel some type of way but if you’re not watching it, how could it and if you’re not so pressed and I’m never pressed.

Do you see yourself leaving reality TV any time soon? Maybe settle down and start a family?
No, I love TV, why would I want to stop airing it out and why would people want to stop seeing me? I do love kids. I do want kids and I am going to have some but I feel like a kid myself too so I’m not ready for kids because I feel so young.