Twitter is in a Civil War Over Kevin Durant Signing to the Warriors

Which side are you on?

NBA free agency is always a controversial time. Trades are made, players are moved around, and in this case superstar alliances are built.

Early Monday, Kevin Durant shockingly decided to end is run with Oklahoma City Thunder and take his talents to the Golden State Warriors. Yes, you read that correctly. The already powerhouse Warrior squad, who had a record-setting season this year, as well as make two final runs in a row has just received another hall of famer.

Twitter exploded when news broke of Durant’s decision. Similar to LeBron James leaving Cleveland for Miami, fans are heated that he didn’t stick it out with the team that signed him and molded him into a superstar. However, many understand his reasons for leaving. Simply, he wasn’t winning championships as a Thunder, but as a Warrior, he has a his best chance to win multiple titles. How can you hate on that? Michael Jordan won with a stacked Chicago Bulls team, LeBron won with a stacked Miami Heat team. Why can’t Durant?

Twitter is now in a state of civil war, as memes are being shot across our timelines either for Durant or against. Which side are you on?