Sassy of Black Ink Crew Calmly Reads TF Out Of Azealia Banks For Her Skin Bleaching/Nose Job Comparison

"For you to sit here and compare getting a nose job to skin bleaching shows us all how more or how less you really love yourself."

Azealia Banks is no stranger to controversy and in her recent rant she defended her decision to bleach her skin by comparing it to other physical altering methods such as hair extensions and plastic surgery. Well, Sassy of Black ink Crew has had enough and decided to drop a little PSA of her own, urging Banks to love herself:

Sassy’s frustration stemmed from a 20 minute video Banks shared via Facebook live entitled “Skin lightening” where she states “it’s a very common thing”. Banks feels people who get their skin bleached are no different from those who get chemical peels because the results remain the same- the skin ultimately gets lighter. Although Azealia says she originally began using skin lighting items to correct a few blemishes, she later admitted to buying the higher end products from other “black people” as time went on. She goes on to say, “people try all sorts of things to win and survive” when speaking on the skin bleaching stigma around the world, basically implying the lighter skin is the righter skin. Check out this snippet cut from Daily Mail:
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