A Makeup Artist Drake-Contoured a Child’s Face and More Beauty News We Didn’t Ask for


Kim Kardashian may have already declared contouring dead, but clearly, she hadn’t yet heard of Champagne Papi Contouring.

Makeup artist and apparent Drake superfan Magali Beauvue recently joined her two passions on top of a child’s face, forever changing the way you look at contour cream and makeup brushes. Beauvue transformed a literal 5-year-old boy into bearded bae Drizzy, showing the process in what has since become a viral video.

Did we need this? Absolutely not. Are we better for it? Yes. Yes, we are. Lord knows this kid’s hotline is blinging AF during recess. Sending him #vibes.

  • Kylie Jenner, who literally wins at life every time she posts a selfie, is losing in the eyes of the Better Business Bureau. Kylie Cosmetics, best known for its impossible-to-buy Lip Kits, received an F rating from the BBB, having racked up 133 complaints since its launch in 2015.
  • Blake Lively’s hair requires but *one* tool to create its many different looks, according to Rod Ortega, the man entrusted with styling Lively’s impossibly perfect hair. As it turns out, the tool is a $300 hair wand. Because Blake Lively is a rich fairy. [Marie Claire]
  • Azealia Banks is still bleaching her skin and frankly, doesn’t give a flying hoot what you think about it. She posted the following, nonsensical Facebook video explaining why she bleaches her skin (to “assimilate”) this past weekend.
  • The CFDA, who essentially created New York Fashion Week in 1993, is being sued for using the NYFW trademark. For some twisted reason, the CFDA doesn’t own the rights to the trademark. Who does? Fashion Week, Inc., who sells the tickets to the NYFW shows. Laws, man. [The Fashion Law]
  • Carb-lovers, unite! According to a new study by the IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Mediterraneo Neuromed, pasta doesn’t—I repeat, does not—necessarily lead to weight gain. The study’s findings show that a higher pasta intake equals not a higher body mass index or BMI. In other words: Life’s short, so order the damn spaghetti. [CNBC]
  • We asked couples to try on Kylie Jenner’s lip glosses and what happened was priceless. Find out in the clip below.

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