Twitter Roasts Author-Actress With #LintonLies After Supposedly Finding Inconsistencies in Her Zambia Memoir

Twitter doesn't miss a beat, does it?

Louise Linton is causing quite the little Fourth of July sh—t storm.

Linton, who is apparently both an actress and an author, wrote a memoir called In Congo’s Shadow about her time spent in Zambia. It was 1999, she was 18 years old and her mother had just died of cancer. Linton decided to take a gap year and headed to Zambia to pursue her “innocent dreams of teaching the villagers English or educating them about the world.” What resulted was a 180 from Linton’s privileged upbringing in Edinburgh, Scotland—only, some don’t believe it’s entirely true.

The Telegraph published what seems to be an excerpt from Linton’s memoir over the weekend, and already, many have found inconsistencies in her writing. Because you just can’t make this up, here’s one A+ sentence from the excerpt: “I tried not to think what the rebels would do to the ’skinny white muzungu with long angel hair’ if they found me.”

Naturally, the backlash began.

A man named Gerard Zytkow, who claims to own a fishing lodge near where Linton describes in her memoir, called her account “mind-boggling and nonsensical.” Linton, who appears to have deleted her Twitter handle, made the following statement via Twitter yesterday:

“I am genuinely dismayed and very sorry to see that I have offended people as this was the very opposite of my intent. I wrote with the hope of conveying my deep humility, respect and appreciation for the people of Zambia as an 18yr old in 1999. I wrote about the country’s incredible beauty and my immense gratitude for the experiences I had there. Sorry he was mistaken. It was 1999, 3 years prior to 2002 and I was never posted at Ndole. The angel hair is what the children said, not me.”

As it is apt to do, Twitter won’t let Linton live it down. The hashtag #LintonLies exploded on the Internet yesterday into today. We included some of the funniest tweets here for your viewing.

As always, write with caution.

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