Nick Young’s Pregnant Ex Gave an Interview About Their Relationship and It’s Super Troubling

"I'm just the mother of his child."

Keonna Green, the mother of Nick Young’s first child and soon-to-be mother of his second, spoke to Us Weekly about her pregnancy and relationship with Young. In the interview, Green admitted to having a relationship with Young after he had already proposed to Iggy Azalea, and also opened up about her relationship with the Australian rapper.

Green told Us that she first found out Young was dating Azalea via TMZ in 2013. “I inquired and there was denial,” she said, adding that a couple of months later, Azalea moved into Young’s home.

“I called [Azalea],” Green said. “When I was dropping my son off, we met in the living room. I didn’t want my son around somebody I’m uncomfortable with. I said, ’Please, out of respect, don’t post photos of my son.’ I didn’t want people thinking I’m not in his life. She was like, ’I completely get it.’ Reality set in that me and Nick were over. She was in the house I used to stay in. I cried on my way home. But Nick Jr. had fun with them. He would always say, ’My daddy and my Iggy took me to Target and got me this.'”

Green revealed she and Young rekindled their romance in September 2015, just three months after he had proposed to Azalea. Green said she would encourage Young to be honest with Azalea about their relationship, to which he’d respond, “I don’t want to hear it.” Green said she considered telling Azalea herself and even reached out to her, but she “never got a response.”

The whole Young-Azalea-Green love triangle is troubling for a few reasons. Firstly, Green, who has known Young since he was a teenager, found out they were broken up through a trolly news outlet. And she gave birth to his first child. It’s messed up Young went back to Green after proposing to Azalea, and it’s even more screwy that Green wasn’t the only woman he cheated with. But the saddest thing of all is Green’s response to Us’ question about the challenges of being with a basketball star:

“Being with a basketball player then and now? Totally different,” she said. “I guess I would say it was different back then because now, I’m not the captain of anything. I’m just the mother of his child. Whereas back then, I was the captain of my cheerleading squad. So whatever he could do, I was just as good at it.”

Giiiiiiiirl. You might not be as famous (or infamous, rather) as Young, but you are surely more than “just the mother of his child.” For those that don’t know, Green owns a children clothing’s store, Young’s Playhouse. She’s a mother and a businesswoman, and seeing as how she’s put up with Young’s sketchy antics for years, she’s damn near a saint.

Green admitted she’d take Young back if he asked her to. He’s the father of her child, after all. She also revealed she’s having a baby girl.

“I’m going to be raising a daughter,” Green said. “I would want to let her know that she deserves the world.”

Head on over to Us for the full interview.

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