A New Crop of Female DJs Dish on Industry Sexism and Their Inspirations in VH1’s Leaders of the New Sound

Brittany Sky, Kitty Cash and Angel + Dren get candid about their rise in the industry.

“Hey, Mr. DJ, put a record on,” Madonna sings in her 2000 smash hit “Music.” However, if you talk to Brittany Sky, Kitty Cash or Angel + Dren, you better switch that to “Ms. DJ.” Yes, they’re female DJs–and damn proud of it.

Female DJs have been in the scene for ages, but they don’t get nearly as much shine as their male counterparts. This is just one example of the sexism Sky, Kitty Cash and Angel + Dren experience regularly in their field.

“Someone may think I don’t know how to set up my equipment [because I’m a woman],” Kitty Cash said in VH1’s new digital short Leaders of the New Sound. “They just didn’t think I was an actual talent.”

But the ladies have hope things will change for them (and all female DJs). “Now, it’s more accepted,” Sky said. “There’s all these female DJs. We should have control over what people ’wanna hear or what people move to.”

Especially when they’re so good at what they do. Kitty Cash, Sky and Angel + Dren are music aficionados and know exactly what buttons to push–literally–for their audiences to go wild.

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