You’ll Never Guess Who the New Iron Man Is

Spoiler: It's not a white dude.

Move over, Tony Stark: There is a new Iron Man in town–an Iron Woman, to be exact. Yes, the famed Tony character will step out of his Iron Man suit at the end of the comic-book series Civil War II, and someone new will take his place. That someone is a 15-year-old Black female character named Riri Williams, according to TIME magazine . Feel free to scream “YAAAAS,” even if you’re reading this waiting in line at the DMV.

Riri is a razor-sharp whippersnapper who started her MIT education at 15–yes, 15–years old. Tony first notices Riri after she crafts her own Iron Man suit…inside her dorm. I could barely make my dorm bed, and this literal teenager is building an Iron Man suit! Goals for days.


Iron Man writer Brian Michael Bendis told TIME magazine the inspiration behind Riri was a “brilliant, young woman whose life was marred by tragedy that could have easily ended her life — just random street violence — and went off to college.” Bendis says this woman is the “most modern version of a superhero” that we have, and we agree. Her story is the perfect launching pad for this exciting character.

It’s important to note that, at this point, Riri only exists in the comic books and not the successful Marvel films. However, here’s hoping Riri hits the big screen STAT. We already picture Zendaya accepting an Oscar for the role!

Twitter is pretty lit about Marvel getting some #BlackGirlMagic, as are we. Check out some of the responses below.