VH1 Stars Mourn the Loss of Philando Castile and Continue to Urge All to Take Action

"I can't keep calm, I have a black son."

It was only that yesterday we reported on the death of Alton Sterling, the 37 year-old man was murdered at the hands of police outside of a convenience store on July 5th, 2016. Today, sadly another black man, Philando Castile, 32, has become a hashtag as he was shot while being pulled over by the police.

The latest shooting came to light after Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of Castile, recorded the aftermath of the incident in a Facebook Live video. In the viral video, you see the last moments of Castile’s life. According to Reynolds, the couple were stopped for a busted tail light and a compliant Castile notified the officer he was carrying a registered firearm. Reynolds alleges he was then shot in the arm after reaching for his wallet.

The outrage from the masses only continues to grow, as every day it seems there is another person, specifically black men, murdered at the hands of authority. VH1 stars mourn the loss of Philando Castile, and are continuing to use their platform to promote a call to action.

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