Amber Rose Talks Tom Hiddleston’s, Erm, “Cute” Taylor Swift Shirt in This Amber Rose Show Highlight

Muva has some thoughts!

Amber Rose fans, get ready to happy-cry.

The first episode of Muva’s new VH1 talk show–aptly titled Amber Rose Show–went down this Friday, July 8 at 11/10c. If you missed it, maybe this highlight clip will wet your whistle. Literally drop everything right now, because this deserves your full attention. Your Hot Pocket in the microwave can wait.

In the clip, Rose spills the tea about Taylor Swift’s star-studded Fourth of July bash and her bae Tom Hiddleston’s perplexing “I <3 T.S” shirt. And she doesn’t hold back. At all. (Did you expect anything less from Lady Rose?)

Rose calls the shirt “so cute”–mhmmm! But don’t get it twisted. Rose is indeed a Swift-y. In fact, she wants in on next year’s shindig. “Can I please come next year to your party?” Rose says. “Taylor, as long as you know that my plus-one won’t be Kanye [West], then we’ll be straight.” I’m deceased.

Watch the life-giving moment in the video above, and tune into the Amber Rose Show every Friday at 11/10c.