Watch Amber Rose React to Chris Brown’s Alleged Pee and Puke-Filled Ibiza Trip on the Amber Rose Show

Muva x Breezy

Are you pumped, Amber Rose stans? Muva’s new VH1 show (Amber Rose Show) premiered this tonight! If this first episode highlight clip of Rose discussing Chris Brown’s rough Ibiza trip is any indication, we’re in for one heck of a show!

Breezy was allegedly kicked out of a villa in Ibiza, Spain. The reason? He and his crew trashed the joint, leaving behind a pungent trail of puke and pee. Yes, you read that correctly: Breezy apparently turned his swanky Ibiza pad into a freshman fraternity kegger!

And Rose has some advice for Brown about the drama. “Chris, you could’ve just stayed at a cheap motel. It already comes with urine and vomit,” she said. No lies detected!

Watch the hilarious clip above, and tune into the Amber Rose Show every Friday at 11/10c.