Social Media Destroys Mischa Barton for Her Insensitive Instagram Post About Alton Sterling

SMH, Marissa Cooper.

Mischa Barton is in hot water with social media users over her post about Alton Sterling, the 37-year-old Black man fatally shot by police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday (July 5).

Before we explain further, look at the post in question. Tell us if you spot anything wrong with it off the bat.

There is nothing wrong with the words. (Granted, Sterling’s case has nothing to do with gun laws, but Barton could’ve been referencing the Orlando gay bar shooting that killed 49 people in June.) It’s the photo that has people up in arms. Barton chose to mourn Sterling’s death with a photo of herself on a yacht wearing a bikini and nursing a drink. But guyyyys, she has a sad look on her face! That makes it O.K.! Womp.

The photo is tone-deaf at best…and offensive at worst. It’s a mystery why Barton thought a photo showcasing her privilege was appropriate for this situation. However, social media isn’t letting her slide–quite the opposite, actually. They’re straight-up dragging her. Take a look at these reactions.

But the most on-point response came from @lifendz on Barton’s Instagram photo (which has since been deleted). “Sorry Black men being murdered ruined your vacation,” the user wrote.

SMH, Marissa Cooper…