Despite D. Smith’s Opinion, Ariane’s Still Working on Her Music, Says She’s “Not Going to Sing Background for Anybody”

"It's about me, I'm not going to sing background for anybody."

Ariane Davis has been nothing but a loyal friend to Mimi Faust on each and every season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but this season we finally are getting a chance to see her pursue her own dreams of music. VH1 chatted with Ariane earlier this season about her ambitions as a singer, observing K.Michelle’s evolution, and keeping her romantic relationship private.

What’s going on with your music career? I remember all those years ago when you auditioned to be K.Michelle’s backup singer. Have you been continuing to pursue music since then?
Ariane Davis: I am absolutely singing and I’m working on my music as we speak. I’m working with this producer named Joe Black and my brother from another mother, his name is Scar. I used to do things with him years ago. And he is one of my writers.

Can we expect music from you soon?
Yes, I’m trying to have an EP done by June. So yeah. I have one song done and then I’m doing another one this week and I’m just trying to get the other 3 done by the end of May.

Do you think Love & Hip Hop has been a good platform for your music or a distraction?
Well, this season, yes [we] are focusing on my music and they’re allowing this platform to help me with that so I’m appreciative of that for this season. It’s about me, I’m not going to sing background for anybody. That’s not the introduction of Ariane, the artist, that I want to put out, you know? That’s not how I want to be presented as an artist, as a background singer.

What’s it been like to have K.Michelle come back to Love & Hip Hop? Did you guys maintain a friendship after she left?
Yes, she and I still talk. I went to New York with her on her press tour and that was kind of interesting. It was good to see K. in her music element. Everybody’s so used to seeing her [be] rambunctious and loud and just crazy. But the other side of her, musically is very compelling to watch. It really is. I’m not an artist like K.Michelle because I’m not a R&B, I’m sorry she’s not even just a R&B artist, K. is really great at country music. I witnessed it and I said, “Oh my God. This is your lane. This is it.” It was, I was wowed to see her do country music because I had never heard her do it before but I’m not even gonna put her in a R&B box. I was about to and I take that back. K. the artist is really great to watch. She’s great to watch.

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