Bow Wow Is Overly Hyped About Omarion’s Breakup and the Internet Is Crucifying Him for it

Not now, Bow Wow.

In this week’s episode of “Two Cents No One Asked Bow Wow To Put In,” the Doggy Bag rapper took to Instagram to express his excitement over Omarion’s very recent break up announcement with long time girlfriend Apryl Jones. Over the weekend, our favorite Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple announced they simply grew apart and are going their separate ways.

Most fans posted their boohoo’s over the breakup but it seems Bow Wow didn’t get that memo and posted a photo of himself with Omarion with a request for them to get their freedom on.

Bro you got your freedom! We can hang again!!! lets go take a bag to AOD tonight. Theres plenty of ig thots and vlive and AOD dancers bro in the world that will be happy to cheer you up during this time! Matter of fact, ima throw you a couple lobs #theonefriendyourboygfhates #keepyoheadupbro #dontstress #thesewomenmakegreyscomeinearly #alljokes

Although Bow Wow claims to be kidding about his old friend’s situation, the Twittersphere didn’t get the joke, and promptly dragged him.

Bow Wow, however, remained unbothered about how people felt. He took some time to address some of those female followers:

So since my female followers have a lot to say to me this am, why is it yall can do this when your bestie break up and why cant the fellas encourage they homies the same way yall do? A trip to the gentlemen’s club wont save your boy life but just to get him out to talk and relax a little theres no crime in that. Yall women tooo uptight nowadays nagging is at an all time high textn us getting mad over what we post what pictures we like. Ease up on us ladies

Maybe Bow Wow should’ve waited a little longer to celebrate, publicly at least.

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