Waka Flocka Is Going Hard for Tammy on Social Media, Vows to Win His Wife Back

"It's time I lead by example."

Don’t write off the Flocka yet! Waka Flocka has made it his life’s work to win his estranged wife back, and he’s taken to Instagram and Twitter to let her, and the world know.

In a post to Twitter, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star wrote, “Every street n—a need a queen.”

Then he followed up with a Tweet, “It’s time I lead by example.”

Waka is trying to turn over a leave and hopes the rest will follow, “Show these young n—a in these streets another way. Truth be be my on career and life story NEEN THAT.”

Then the rapper posted a photo of man, theoretically Tammy’s father, with the caption, “When ya FatherInLaw send a picture like this and ask why you hurt my baby girl ? #FreeBigO.”
Then Waka posted a meme of Tammy, with the designer looking particularly sexy, that reads, “You and your girl break up and she start posting s–t like this on the gram. You be sick.” Waka editorialized the meme, writing, “F–k you mean… Lol. I broke her heart now my heart hurt 🙁 (ThugVoice).”
Just a few days ago, Waka Tweeted about his estranged wife, “Tammy be on my mind 24/7 …. Somebody tell her to call me ?”

Tammy has been open about her marriage struggles on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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