A Very Drunk Tommie Tells KK About Her Plans To Destroy Joseline

"I love you Tommie, but you're killing me with the bulls--t."

In this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak Tommie is heated with Joseline and is ready to deal with her on site for what happened at the pool party. As Tommie slurs and stutters telling KK the story of what almost went down, KK’s side eye game is strong because Tommie is clearly drunk. A tipsy Tommie tells KK that not only did Uncle Stevie come to her room alone after the pool scene, she also claims Joseline set her up to get arrested. Although KK still wants to get to find out if Tommie’s crazy story is true, she’s more concerned about Tommie’s drinking, especially now that Scrapp DeLeon is locked up.

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