Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star SAS Releases Single, “Still Walkin,” About His Shooting

"I refuse to be the reason my whole family grieving."

Not even two weeks after Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star SAS was shot in the head in the parking lot of a venue, he released a song titled “Still Walkin'” detailing the experience.

In “Still Walkin,” SAS explains he found the strength to fight for his life because he didn’t want his son and the rest of his loved ones to experience loss again. After the murder of his cousin Dolla and the prison sentence of his brother Scrapp DeLeon, SAS knows the pain his family has gone through all too well, and the last thing he wants to do is add on to it.

A statement from SAS’s spokesperson says, “For SAS, the following days were filled with crazy rumors about what happened, doctor visits reminding him of how fatal the injury was and the small window of time he has to surgically remove the bullet and not to mention, all of the memories of losing his cousin Dolla, resurfacing.”

You gotta give SAS props for not only pulling through this, but getting back in the studio almost immediately after. Check out his fire track below!

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