Calvin Harris Goes on Crazy Shady Twitter Rant About Taylor Swift, Mentions Katy Perry

Grab your popcorn.

Damn. The Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris/Tom Hiddleston news is bonkers today (July 13).

First, we found out Swift allegedly is the brains behind Harris’ new hit single “What You Came For” but decided to keep mum so she wouldn’t overshadow him. (Swift was apparently pissed Harris went on to say he and her would probably never collaborate.) Then, rumors swirled Hiddleston is ready to put a Thor-sized ring on Swift’s finger. And now, we have a Twitter rant. An epic one at that.

Harris is apparently annoyed Swift’s camp planted the story that their breakup happened because of “What You Came For” disrespect. If he’s not, he has an awfully strange way of showing it. In a six-part Twitter rant, Harris comes for Swift’s career, relationship with Hiddleston and even mentions TayTay’s mortal nemesis Katy Perry. Grab your popcorn and read below.

This is all very, very interesting. Harris straight-up refutes claims Swift wrote “What You Came For” so, what should we believe?! Also, the Perry reference hints that Swift’s camp actually did try to destroy the Prism singer’s career. That doesn’t exactly go with Swift’s, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” brand!

We’re just ’gonna sit back and wait for Swift’s response…


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