The Most Bananas Pokémon Go Stories on the Internet Right Now

It's all fun and games until someone finds a dead body.

Pokémon Go, the 2016 reincarnation of your favorite late ’90s game, launched about a week ago and already, it’s become a cultural phenomenon.

The app had been downloaded over a million times just three days after its release and Nintendo’s stock is already up about 25%. Whether you’ve joined the millions trying to beef up their Pokémon indexes or have taken up the hobby of people-watching Poké-players, the game’s impact is gigantic. And it’s causing some crazy sh—t to go down, too.

From restaurants using the game to bring in more customers to the game leading a teenager to a dead body, these are the craziest Pokémon Go stories on the Internet right now.

  • Hella dogs are being walked.

    Gotta get those eggs hatched.

  • Restaurants are thirstier than ever.

    Who cares about the Soup of the Day when there’s a Scyther sitting on the counter?

  • Birth itself can’t stop the Poké-hustle.


    One new dad couldn’t put the game down while his wife was literally in labor.

  • Two lovers were brought together.


    Pokémon Go and chill?

  • People have hired drivers to help them score more Pokémon.


    Craigslist is filled with Pokémon Go postings, as people are offering their driving services to Poké-addicts who want to expand their indexes. Writer Molly Fitzpatrick hired a driver for this very reason and wrote about the experience for Fusion.

  • The highways are lit.

    Do NOT drive under the influence of rare Pokémon. Don’t do it.

  • A little too lit.

    One man crashed into a tree while simultaneously driving and playing the game. Though the driver “was not seriously injured,” according to a polie statement obtained by Breaking 911, his story serves as a reminder that multitasking while driving is a dangerous, scary thing.

  • Someone found a dead body.


    CNN reported that 19-year-old Shayla Wiggins found a dead body while trying to catch Pokémon by a river in rural Wyoming.

  • People are getting robbed.

    Four days after the app launched, the O’Fallon Missouri Police Department said they had found four suspects in an armed robbery case involving Pokémon Go. Players seeking Pokémon had allegedly been lured into a trap and ultimately robbed.

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