Shaunie’s Kids Channel Their Inner Shaq & Face-off Against One Another In An Intense Basketball Game

Who needs the Olympics when you have Jabronis vs. Bucket Getters?

Shaunie’s two eldest children, Myles and Shareef, get competitive and drag everyone else along with them in this Shaunie’s Home Court highlight clip. Insistent on proving that he can school rising basketball star Shareef in his own game, Myles proposes they bring their siblings Mimi, Shaqir and Me’Arah into the mix for a three-on-two game of b-ball (Myles’ team being the one with three players).

When their friends and family gather to watch the big game, a dark horse emerges on Myles’ team: Mimi. She’s nothing but net, which gives Myles hope that he can actually pull this off and Shareef a run for his money. Who run the world?

Tune in for Shaunie’s Home Court on Sunday at 10:30/9:30c!

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