After Shaunie Finds A Condom In His Room, Myles Tells Her He Wants to Move Out in the Shaunie’s Home Court Sneak

"I have to take my talents to the beach."

At age 19, Shaunie O’Neal’s son Myles is getting tired of living at home with his mom. We’re guessing a lot of his friends, friends who already have their own places, aren’t forced to answer questions about why they have condoms lying around after their mom cleans their room, and that’s the signal for Myles that it’s time to fly the coop. You would think that Shaunie would beg her eldest to stay since she admits she wishes he’d live at home forever, but she’s surprisingly amenable to the idea and even offers to help him find a new place. Will he end up moving out though? Find out on next week’s Shaunie’s Home Court, Sunday at 10:30/9:30c.