#LoudBlackGirls Is Trending on Twitter, and It’s Empowering AF

They're reclaiming the phrase.

For decades, African American women have been plagued with the “loud Black girl” stereotype that depicts them as overtly “sassy,” combative and uneducated. It’s grossly offensive and should probably go away altogether. However, the Black women of Twitter had a better idea: They reclaimed the phrase and made it positive. Do you smell that? That’s the scent of sweet slay all over your timelines.

This all began after Erica Garner, whose father Eric was choked to death by New York police officers, attended President Barack Obama’s town hall meeting. Garner revealed to BuzzFeed she felt she needed to be “belligerent just to be heard.” This struck a chord with activist Feminista Jones, who started the #LoudBlackGirls hashtag on Twitter today (July 15). “I’m interested in hearing from Black women about when (if) they found their individual voice& how they use it,” Jones tweeted. Check out some of the amazing ladies who responded.

But some of their male counterparts aren’t as woke. These two tweets represent the (annoying) backlash to this movement in a nutshell.

Don’t listen to them, girls. This movement is so important. You should never feel silenced or like your opinions aren’t valid. Be loud and proud, because your lives matter.