12 Times Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Proved His Life Is Way More Baller Than Yours

He's motivational AF.

By Claire Downs

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has had a truly amazing life: he’s the biggest superstar in WWE history, his movie franchises make millions and now he’s the star of HBO’s Ballers. He can even make a fanny pack look cool! Yet possibly the best part about Dwayne Johnson is his perfect Instagram feed. Thumb through his posts and you’ll see him helping others in need or inspiring us all to get up at 4AM to work out. He truly embodies the essence of being a baller, because being a baller is not just about showing off your riches. The Rock shows us all how flaunting your true blessings in life and sharing that joy with others is true baller status. Check out these motivational AF pics from The Rock’s feed where he sets #BallerGoals for us all.

  • His Adorable Family

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    Never too manly to get sweet with his puppy and his baby girl, especially on V-Day!

  • He’s like a Fairy Godmother (With Muscles)

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    Recently, The Rock made cancer warrior, Tater’s, dreams come true by surprising the 7-year old with a custom poster from Baywatch. Johnson wrote, “Despite my almost tearing up like a baby and ruining my tough guy image, the greatest and I think most beautiful irony about Tater, is that this very special little boy has no idea just how much he inspires all of us around him.” AWWWW!

  • He Connects With Fans Like No Other Celebrity

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    When The Rock received a baller machete from a fan and Vietnam Vet, he expressed deep gratitude for his diverse fan base.

  • He Snags Perfect Selfies with His Favs

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    Dwayne Johnson knows how to selfie, which is good because he’s constantly surrounded by a crew of talented stars! Even though he joked that “Kevin ruined the picture,” he gave Ariana props for “killing it” in the music world.

  • When Two Dwaynes Meet

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    Arguably two of the hardest working entertainers connect to talk about something they don’t have much of, “down time.” As Lil Tunechi asked, “what’s that?”

  • His Random Run-Ins With Superfans Are Epic

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    On his way to do errands, Dwayne drove by three little girls holding signs that said “Happy Holidays.” When he drove down the same road, three hours later, the girls were waiting for him, holding “Please Stop, The Rock” signs. He quickly turned the car around for an impromptu photo opp.

  • He Mentors Young Ballers

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    Part of being a baller is mentoring the little ballers; like when The Rock invited a youth flag-football team to join him on set.

  • He’s Always Working For a Good Cause

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    Dwayne Johnson partnered with HBO to produce and star in a new documentary called Rock and a Hard Place, which follows Johnson to a prison boot camp aimed at helping incarcerated youths get back on their feet. Truly inspirational.

  • He’s Never Afraid To Show His Sensitive Side

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    Even a swole 6’5″ dude like The Rock is charmed by the insane cuteness of his tiny french bulldog, Hobbs.

  • Ladies Go Crazy For The Rock

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    When you’re as successful (and ripped) as The Rock, ladies crush HARD.

  • Superfan Gets Super Cut

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    There is no question “The People’s Champ” is beloved by his fans. Some will even go to the extreme to prove it. Like this guy giving props at the barber.

  • His Catchphrase Will Never Get Old

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    As a baller, everybody wants to BE you. Including Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane who got a little help from Dwayne to nail his signature catchphrase!