Shaunie and Tami Give Zero Effs About the Los Angeles Ladies

"[Brandi] seems real pressed, like a panini."

Shaunie O’Neal was less than thrilled that Brandi Maxiell was coming back to Basketbal Wives LA this season, but with great power comes great responsibility. (Like, when you’re the EP sometimes you gotta do things you don’t want for good TV?)

When reconnecting with her BFF Tami, Shaunie reveals she hasn’t spoken to any of the LA ladies besides Jackie. “I haven’t talked to anybody else…and I’m okay with that.” Tami shakes her head at this, “[Brandi] owes you an apology.” Tami thinks the whole feud with Brandi is ridiculous, “She seems real pressed, like a panini.” Shaunie suggests that Brandi’s acting some type of way for her “fans,” and then both ladies LOL for days, and days.

Don’t get them started on Malaysia though because, you know, they never really “talked.” I’m not even sure how that was shade, but it def was. Are you Team Shaunie or Team Brandi?

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