New Basketball Wives LA Star DJ Duffey Has Worked With Trina, Amber Rose, and Young Jeezy

"I'm tryna take over. I wanna be the best female DJ in the game."

Basketball Wives LA newbie Duffey isn’t shy about the fact that she’s that chick in the DJ game right now. She’s Curren$y’s official tour DJ, and has also worked with VH1’s Amber Rose, Trina, Young Jeezy and Juicy J.

However, none of this came easy to her. Her ex-hubby left her when she was six months pregnant with no money or car to her name. Lucky for Duffey, her love life is looking up these days. She’s dating a basketball agent, which she says is a blessing in comparison to dating a player because less women are trying to make moves on agents, and in general, she finds that being with a basketball player often forces women to put their man’s career before their own.

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