Definitive Proof That There’s a Celebrity Emoji For Every Life Situation

What a time to be alive!

By Claire Downs

The newest digital trend is custom emoji keyboards by celebrities – because everybody who’s anybody in Hollywood needs specific emoticons catered to their public personas. Since last year, when Kim Kardashian dropped her line of Kimojis, the app makes a reported $1 million per minute (how’s that for haters who say she’s “not famous for anything?”) It makes sense that other celebs, brands, and even TV shows have followed in Kim’s footsteps to cash in on the emoji trend while it still lasts. You may be asking yourself – what on Earth do I need a “Blac Chyna nursing her baby emoji, or one of Drake’s dad making it rain? Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s a celebrity emoji set for every crazy situation life deals you. So, get to downloading!

  • When a Regular Egglplant Just Won’t Cut It

    We’ve all been disappointed by the size of an eggplant at some point in our lives. Amber Rose’s MuvaMoji comes with a variety of eggplants: from glowing to ones a little on the moldy side – just like real-life eggplants! So, if you need to tell your BFFs just how your Tinder date went – sometimes the microscopic eggplant will do the job.

  • When You Messed Up and You’re Ready To Laugh About It


    Whether you’ve trashed your neighbors’ house with eggs or peed in a bucket, you admit you’ve made some mistakes. Rather than text a long-winded apology, send this Justmoji from Justin Bieber. Like Biebs, you can take the high road, even with egg on your face.

  • When You Just Need a Night In

    Rick Ross Emoji Keyboard

    We all have those nights where we’d rather curl up with our good buddies Netflix and Hulu than our real friends. Sometimes, it’s hard to get a little “me-time” in when your squad is quilting you to come out. Rick Ross has the perfect “house-arrest ankle bracelet” emoji to tell your crew that no matter how hard they try, you’re on lockdown for the night.

  • When Your Boss Asks You To Work Late


    Steph Curry’s emoji set (AKA Stephmoji) embodies the superpower of the baby-faced Warrior, especially with this reference to DragonBall Z. So when the boss lady asks you and your co-workers to stay late on a Friday, send the group chat this perfect emoji of Steph going “Super Saiyan” and harness the awesome power needed to push through the rest of your shift.

  • When You’re Too Hungover To Function


    You get a text from your Saturday morning gym buddy that says, “Hey, where are you?” You realize you were supposed to be at Soul Cycle twenty minutes ago. Don’t waste your precious beauty sleep typing! Send a Kimoji of Kylie giving the “I don’t know and I don’t care” face. Because remember – 2016 is the year of “realizing stuff!”

  • When You Wanna Warn Your Roommate You’re “420 Friendly”

    Living with roommates can be tough. Like that moment when you’ve been smoking that broccoli all night, but you just realized you’ve got other people in the house. Wizmoji from Wiz Khalifa has got you covered. When you’re too paranoid to text, you can send a coy little Wiz holding a pot plant, just to let your roomie know it’s going down.

  • When You’re So Sick of Election Talk


    This is the perfect response to combat the political debate that your family is having in a group chat. Your weird uncle is quoting Donald Trump nonstop. Nope. Your uninformed cousins calling for Hillary Clinton to go to prison. Not here for it. Don’t even join the fray. Text them this Blac Chyna for President emoji from Chymoji to diffuse the situation with humor.

  • When You’re the Oldest Person at the Party, But Still Turning Up

    Ever look around the party and feel a little more “sophisticated” than the rest of the gang doing keg-stands and playing Pokemon Go? We’ve all been the oldest person in the room, hoping no one calls you out. Thanks to this Dennis Graham Moji Keyboard, that your friend texted you from across the room you can kick the “super-senior” guilt and just get in on the fun. Yolo!

  • When You Find Out Your Office Crush is a Bad Boy

    The Game Emoji Keyboard

    There’s no better time to use The Game’s emoji set than when you find out that your office crush is a bit of a rebel, and you love it. You just witnessed “Mike from Marketing” dismiss a terrible idea from the VP and champion your pitch instead. You send your work bestie this emoji to let her know you found true love.

  • When You Save the Day

    Future Emoji Keyboard

    Did you cover for your brother who missed his curfew? Did you snag those hot tix for you and your BFF? Did you take bae’s car into the shop? It’s time to collect your “Thanks” when they are due. Future’s “Future-as-Jesus” emoji is the best way to say “You’re welcome” with only the slightest bit of shade.