Tommie Presses Joseline For Trying To Get Her Locked Up + Ends Up Throwing Dranks

"If Joseline think's I'm gonna sit back and take what she's dishing, that b---h is delusional."

Tommie accuses Joseline of sending the police to her hotel room and things go left very quickly in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight. Tommie wasn’t too happy when 5-0 showed up to her door and decides to press Joseline about how the boys got her hotel room number to begin with. When Joseline holds firm to the claim that she had nothing to do with the police showing up, Tommie looks right through the Puerto Rican princess (I mean, the translator part did sound kind of believable). Tired of being manipulated, a frustrated Tommie throws a glass towards the bad boosh before being briskly swept away by security. Joseline says she didn’t call the police before but now, she just might.

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