Definitive Proof Selena Gomez Is Instagram’s Thirst Trap Queen

Kill 'em with slay-ness.

Selena Gomez is a queen in many aspects. She’s a music queen, a fashion queen, but–most importantly–she is a thirst trap queen. Yup.

Now, we don’t just mean post-a-bikini-selfie-and-make-the-boys-drool thirst traps. Gomez’s Instagram is chock-full of photos that are, yes, sexy, but also inspiring as hell. Glittering self-confidence permeates throughout every seductive snap on Gomez’s page. She looks beautiful because she feels beautiful. That’s why her traps are so gosh darn effective (and why we need to drink her self-love juice right now). Here are 11 amazing examples.

Watch Gomez dish on her favorite song from her catalog in the video below.