KK Speaks On SAS’ Shooting + Urges Fans To Keep Sending Her Family Prayers

"[SAS'] character is beyond reproach. He's a good guy."

Earlier this month, we learned that SAS was devastatingly shot in the back of the head following a club appearance in Arizona. Karen King opens up about his miraculous survival in this exclusive interview.

KK temporarily had to say goodbye to one son, Scrapp DeLeon, and was terrified when she learned she many lose another son as well. She recounts the moment she found out that not only has her baby boy been shot, but the bullet is still lodged in his head. The doctors are confident in his recovery, however the bullet needs to be removed to prevent further trauma. SAS may have overcome one hurdle but the road to recovery will not be easy so keep those prayers coming!

The King family does have a little bit of a past, as KK maintains, however SAS is a great guy who didn’t deserve what happened to him- despite what some blogs may say. The family does remain in good spirits and whether you choose to support them or not, KK says they gon’ be aight!

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