Michael Jackson’s Doctor Is Serving Hot, Messy Tea in New Tell-All Book

Is this crazy crap true?!

This is messy.

Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray makes some crazy allegations about the pop star in his new tell-all book This Is It. (Which, yes, is a passive aggressive spin on Jackson’s 2009 documentary This Is It).

Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter against Jackson, writes the singer used to dress up as a clown and then pay strippers to chill with him in hotel rooms.

But it gets weirder. Murray also claims Jackson pretended to be a stroke victim to pick up women and also frequently used fake accents.

Is this crazy crap true? Does it matter? This book is exploitation at its best (read: worst). However, don’t tell that to Murray. According to TMZ, Murray claims Jackson asked him to make all of this public. Excuse me?

And if that’s not enough f–kery, Murray claims the book is meant to give Jackson and his family “due respect.” Please explain how it does that. How Sway?!

Because this is America, the book will probably sell, lining this murderous unlicensed doctor’s pockets with dirty cash. Where is the “Thriller” werewolf when you need him?