Watch People of All Races Make a Powerful Statement About Their Interactions with the Police

Do their answers surprise you?

In light of the deaths of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and the police killings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, discussion about racism in law enforcement is at an all-time high. Some #BlackLivesMatter detractors say the media hypes up instances of police officers racially profiling people and acting inappropriately. However, this VH1 digital original video might change their minds.

We surveyed 13 people of different races, backgrounds and ages (22-40) about their interactions with the police. We had them stand up if their answer to a question was “yes” and stay seated if it was “no.” (Full disclosure: Most of them were VH1 staffers, but that is their only commonality. People in this sample hail everywhere from South Carolina to Brooklyn.) Were the answers surprising? No. Not if you understand the systemic racism in the United States. However, that doesn’t make the responses any less powerful.

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