Bun B Attended the Republican National Convention and Here’s What He Gathered

"Unfortunately, I haven't really seen anything that makes me feel more comfortable about the Republican stance or viewpoint."

VH1 headed to Cleveland earlier this week to report on the 2016 Republican National Convention. VH1 Live! host Marc Lamont Hill spoke with VH1 Correspondent Rosci Diaz about such highly contested topics as Black vs. Blue Lives Matter, and Diaz also checked in with select RNC attendees to get their thoughts on Donald Trump, as well as the convention in general. Diaz asked rapper Bun B to weigh in on the RNC conversation—specifically what he’s gathered from the event during his time there.

Job creation, immigration and both gender and social equality are just a few of the topics many hope are discussed at the RNC. For Bun B, race relations is the most pressing subject.

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